Pay What You Wish Yoga SG


The first of its kind in Singapore, Pay What You Wish Yoga SG project started in 2015 by a team of yoga teachers looking for a platform to share yoga to anyone and everyone.  With the motto “More Yoga for More People”, we’ve teamed up with fresh graduates of yoga teacher trainings to conduct weekly donation-based yoga classes, welcoming people from all walks of life in our yoga classes.

The community started small, with people coming in from all over Singapore in all ages and from all backgrounds. Soon it grew into a beautiful community with familiar faces practicing weekly, benefiting from and falling in love with yoga. One of our happiest achievements  was when Yihan, who first tried yoga five years ago in the small studio with us, loved yoga so much and she took the plunge, completes a yoga teacher training and became a full-time freelance yoga instructor! Now, she is part of the team who plans for and conducts the Pay What You Wish Yoga SG classes weekly, and she is also one of the founding members of Yoga Circle. Here’s what she has to share about her journey:

Started in May 2015, PWYW Yoga started community classes with the intention to reach out to more people who may not be able to afford yoga classes or are unable to commit to a yoga studio package. That was how I started my yoga journey. It began as a weekly practice, and in this friendly and nurturing environment, I soon became friends with the teachers who motivated me to practice regularly, and eventually take up the certification to share yoga with more people. They continue to inspire me to this day.

PWYW Yoga SG, in my early days of yoga practice, was a safe space where I could practice in, without feeling intimidated or pressured. Now, as a team member running the weekly classes, I look back on this journey that I took with PWYW Yoga and marvel at how far we have come. To date, PWYW Yoga had the joy of seeing many students. Some were tourists, short term visitors, and students. We’ve also had many who became regular practitioners, some of whom are certified yoga teachers now (like me)! It is our hope and dream to continue to provide a nurturing environment for more people.

In line with our vision to make yoga all-inclusive and non-discriminatory, I’m happy to see that PWYW Yoga has now come under the big family of Yoga Circle to bring forth our vision of bringing more yoga to more people.

  • Hu Yihan, Freelance Yoga Instructor (and PWYW Yoga baby!)

All contributions made during the community classes will go towards supporting the cause of Yoga Circle, to help more people benefit from yoga.

Classes are held every Sunday at 3pm.

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