Inclusive and Accessible
Yoga for All

About Us

Yoga Circle is a non-profit organization based in Singapore, dedicated to promote diversity and inclusivity in yoga.


Join us as a volunteer and be part of the team to bring more yoga to more people.


Create customized yoga events and programmes for your community.

How can we make Yoga Inclusive and Accessible?

Being the wonderful practice that it is, Yoga is something that everybody can benefit from. Apart from the physical benefits from practicing yoga, its breathing and mindfulness aspects are invaluable in enhancing one’s mental wellness and improving the quality of life.


Anybody can practice Yoga
“Anyone who wants to can practice yoga. Anybody can breathe; therefore anybody can practice yoga. But no one can practice every kind of yoga. It has to be the right yoga for the person.”

T. K. V. Desikachar – The Heart of Yoga
Yoga is accessible to all of us
“Yoga is not about having a flexible body; it’s about having a flexible mind, and it’s accessible to all of us.”

Jivana Heyman
We are all one
“We are all the leaves of one tree. We are all the waves of one sea”

Thich Nhat Hanh